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The memories behind fading memories

Until Jan 6 2019 five pieces of the Fading Memories project can be seen in De Factorij (Zaventem - Belgium).

With the Fading Memories project I visualise the feeling of loosing the details of what we have once seen or done, where we've been. When memories fade away, bits and pieces are gone to never come back. Time is put to a stop. In the Fading Memories project the images then take on a dreamlike surreal atmosphere.

But even the most fragile memory can bring back the whole story...

In Fading Memories I know the stories behind the images. The places. The time. The people.

The viewer does not. Still, his or her mind will create its own story. Instantly.

In the exhibition I invite the viewer to create his/her stories based on what they see.

However, in the next coming weeks I will also tell, in this blog, the real story behind every one of the 5 pieces that can be see at De Factorij. And those stories can then, maybe, again trigger a new story.


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