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People often compare work from a contemporary artist with the work from another artist. Now, most of the time, that last one is a famous artist. And most of the time he, or she, is also a dead artist.

In my case they often end up with Mark Rothko. I already wrote in my blog that we are great fans of Rothko and even though it is not intentional, it is true that some of my pieces have a Rothko feel.

If it’s somebody who knows photographers, it’s usually Sugimoto. That, is of course not surprising. Sugimoto also works with very structurally designed seascapes (but has a lot, a lot! of other, even more, impressive work).

But in a way, I am - especially in my more recent work - not even shooting seascapes anymore. In most of the work I am only using the sky, horizon and water to paint an abstract tableau that creates room for an intriguing experience, and I am using the photographic technique as the medium to do that.

Working with Nicolas Fayt from NF-Art Gallery (Knokke-Heist) made me more and more aware of that. He also often compares my work with that of Léon Spilliaert. It even was Transcendental Tranquility 8743_STL, using the same blues as in Spilliaert’s Marine paintings, that convinced Nicolas to organize an exhibition with my work in his gallery and at the Antica Namur Fine Art Fair.

Myself, I also see Willy De Sauter as a real inspiration to me. As are the lines of Mies Van Der Rohe’s work, the works of Maurits Van Saene and the way Asako Narahashi works…

Maurits Van Saene - Asako Narahashi - Hiroshi Sugimoto

Willy De Sauter - Mark Rothko - Leon Spilliaert


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