As time goes by memories fade away. What once was sharp, crisp and vivid in our minds, gets blurred.  Shapes and colours disappear. No matter how hard we fight. Bits and pieces are gone to never come back.

With Fading Memories I try to visualise this feeling of losing the details. Time has been put to a stop. Details are gone. The images take on a dreamlike surreal atmosphere.

But even the most fragile memory can bring back the whole story. And most of the time, we will remember what is forgotten more beautiful - if

it was tough or hard, softer - than it really was. It's what we do. It's how we survive.

In Fading Memories, I know the story behind the image. The place. The time. The people. You don't. Thanks to what you don't see, the images suggest more open stories than the ones I know. More open stories than they would do if the images were intact. So your mind will create your own story. Immediately. Don't stop it. Have Fading Memories challenge your imagination.


No place like home is about seeing beauty in the world immediately surrounding us; a few words in a book that had an impact on our life, the shadow-play on a wall on a sunny day, a present for a daughter, left behind when she left home long ago, …

It’s about the she silent and discrete beauty of an object, the artistry of

 a scenery we forget to see. It’s about the stories these observations ignite in our heads when we isolate them. It’s about living more consciously and discovering continuously the  beauty and power of simple details immediately around us that make life, our life.