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Corbijn and Antwerp Photo, too much

First reason I went to see the International Photography Festival? Corbijn of course. Corbijn has written photographic music history, has worked with the greatest stars and… and that is for me very special, still is an absolutely unpretentious person (see the De Standaard video interview online here

I had seen a smaller exhibition a couple of years ago in Amsterdam. It was a Friday and we were almost alone at FOAM. Conditions could not have been better. There were just a few works, well presented. Perfect.

Honestly, I did not have the same feeling at the Antwerp Photo exhibition. There are so many (too many?) works in one show. It’s like good food; well selected ingredients, well prepared, tasty, but coming in such large quantities that it ends in indigestion.

I know it’s an overview show with a lot of work that has never before been shown, selected by Corbijn and beautifully commented with some short personal handwritten notes from Corbijn… I guess that the only way to really appreciate the exhibition, is to come back several times and see one room at the time.


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