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Will I ever see you again ?       3/3 wait for it

is about the feeling of abandonment when beautiful moments we experience end. Now there, gone again in a split second, escaping our urge for control.
Such a feeling of desolation can then leave a feeling of emptiness, as well as one full of happiness and fulfillment.
Emptiness is then usually seen as the negative experience of that moment of desolation. The focus there is, unintentionally or just willingly, on just thinking about the emptiness. It is the failing, or just wanting to avoid, preserving, recreating, experiencing the beauty of the moment. But just as well we manage, again willingly or unwillingly,


to hold on to the beauty of the moment and to relive the warmth, the happiness that went with it.
In Will I ever see you again? I let go the certainty of the horizon, the fixed anchor point in the Transcendental Tranquility shots, and bring into focus the uncontrollable rolling of the waves as the only point of reference. Imaged, but not fixed. The movement is too precious for that, a glimpse of what was and promise of what is yet to come, and thus telling a story, depicting an experience that has everything to be missed as much as re-created.

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