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In Closer To The Gods I explore places where we as humans

feel insignificant, confronted with the splendor, power and grandeur of nature.

In Closer To The Gods these are portrayed hard and directly in powerful, high-contrast black and white photography. Nature does not invite here, she imposes. Compelling, ominous, sometimes almost menacing. It is a nature that impresses and often looks as if it could insidiously swallow and crush us at any moment.

I see the Closer To The Gods project as the antipode of my Transcendental Tranquility project for which I photograph the immensity of oceans. They are images distilled to their essence. In the layered photography of Transcendental Tranquility, however, nature does not impose, it invites one to drown in it and regain a tranquility that we so often lack today.

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