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March 2 - March 24 > vcrb gallery Knokke
Sat. & Sun. 11am - 6pm.


From March 2 to March 24, you can discover 3 + 3 important works from my Transcendental Tranquility series at vcrb gallery Knokke.

Over the years, this project grew into a series of unique, emotionally charged images. Images that often look more like a painting than a photograph and invite repeated viewing.The subtle layers one then discovers radiate an intriguing stillness. Alienation techniques and uncontrolled motion blur create tableaus that offer room for reflection and interpretation.


"Increasingly, the oceans - in this project the subject of my photography - become Rothkosian color impressions. In a way, especially in my more recent work, I use my photography to paint an abstract scene that creates space for a meditative experience.In these hectic and troubling times, I want to use my works to create tableaus that induce a state of calm, where what is perceived as troublesome in the psyche falls away."


During the exhibition, you can also discover the works of Maria Vasschuck and Katrin Brause. For a personal tour of the works, we can arrange a time suitable for you via my contact page or via the gallery. You are most welcome!

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-09-21 om 14.59_ed


vcrb gallery Antwerp
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De Burburestraat 14  2000 Antwerp   Belgium
Thursday/Friday 12pm - 6pm
Saturday/Sunday 2pm - 6pm

vcrb gallery Knokke
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Zeedijk 697  8300 Knokke   Belgium
Saturday/Sunday  11am - 6pm
Other days by appointment
Long weekends and school holidays, every day of the week (exc. Wednesday) 11am - 6pm


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